Reeling ‘Em In

USB Staff WriterApr 14, 2017

U.S. soybean farmers rely on exports. In fact, 59 percent of last year's crop was exported to international markets. Growing new markets to ensure the…


BRIDGET OWEN, Soy Aquaculture Alliance

Bridget OwenFeb 22, 2017

Bridget Owen, Executive Director of the Soy Aquaculture Alliance, discusses the importance of soy as a component of fish feed. The Soy Aquaculture Alliance was…


RON HARDY, Aquaculture Research Institute

Ron HardyFeb 17, 2017

Ron Hardy, professor at the University of Idaho and director of the Aquaculture Research Institute, discusses why soy is a valuable component of fish feed.

Animal Feed

U.S. Soy Used in Waters Worldwide

USSEC Staff WriterJun 24, 2014

Mike Beard never thought his Indiana soybeans would be used for feeding tilapia or shrimp on the other side of the globe. But with more…