A woman and friends eat happily in a cafe.

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Nourishing Our Animals and People, Preserving Our Planet

Soy is a powerhouse performer on your plate and for our planet.

We can grow, innovate and choose products for a better world. For better health. To nourish people and the planet. And we do.  

Soy’s versatility is unmatched — from providing sustainably grown, powerful nutrition for people and animals to serving as an ingredient in materials that help you make better and more environmentally friendly product choices.  

U.S. Soy feeds our need for protein, essential fats, and other nutritional building blocks. That means improved health and well-being for our families — even our family pets. And we’re leading with consistent innovation to grow and deliver solutions to today’s biggest challenges that answer the call for better products that minimize impact on the planet.  

Now, that’s something to feel good about.  

Wellness-driven food trends may well create a new niche for soy foods. Today’s nutrition and wellness considerations increasingly affect consumer food choices. 

Chef Ashok Nageshwaran praises the qualities of U.S. soybean oil, saying that it allows the original flavors of food to shine, playing the perfect second fiddle.

Restaurateurs Kaleb Harrell and Allen Lo bring authentic Asian street-food flavors stateside, thanks to the versatility of soy.