A agricultural engineer holds a glass of soy-based extract.


A Reliable Source of Protein and Nutrition for Any Lifestyle

Every day, our first priority is finding a way to make continuous improvements in the lives of people worldwide.

U.S. Soy farmers and industry partners are consistently pushing the limits of innovation to discover and deliver solutions to the biggest challenges our world faces – addressing food and energy needs while supporting and replenishing the earth.

By providing people around the world with vital nutrition, creating more and using less, U.S. Soy farmers and industry partners prioritize providing innovative solutions to many of today’s complex challenges, and supporting the progress of the diverse communities U.S. Soy serves at home and abroad.

Thin market, carryover, strengthening basis and arbitrage – the terms can be dizzying for those not directly tied to marketing soybean crops. But what if you step into a role that demands you know those terms and the strategy behind them?

U.S. soybean farmers use the latest in bioengineering and seed technology to safely increase yields.

Goodyear is creating & promoting the versatility of soy products through new opportunities. New on-road applications are here through five of Goodyear’s tire lines. One small step makes a giant impact: switch to soy.