Fleets Find Performance and Sustainability Benefits with Biobased Grease

Soy BiobasedAug 14, 2019

A soy-biobased fifth-wheel grease is lubricating a Midwestern grocer’s fleet of 81 tractor-trailers and equipment in Washington D.C.’s water utility’s fleet, helping them both meet…


Research Points to Reduced Fertilizer Needs for Soybeans

Rob HatchettAug 9, 2019

According to a press release from Purdue University, agronomists may have identified a process that may one day lead to higher-yielding soybean plants that are…


Uses for U.S. Soy

USSEC Staff WriterJul 13, 2019

From poultry feed to cosmetics, U.S. soybeans are used for a wide variety of products and foods for both humans and animals throughout the world.…


U.S. Soy Inside 100 Million Panels of Purebond Plywood

Kansas Soybean CommissionJul 11, 2019

A nature-inspired solution has achieved a major milestone. U.S. soybean farmers gathered alongside Salina cabinetry workers at Crestwood Inc. to celebrate the use of U.S.…


Advancements in Satellite Imagery

USB Staff WriterJul 3, 2019

NASA’s new technology is a breakthrough for farmers and agriculturalists throughout the world. The Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite, launched in 2015, produces high-definition…


Planting Seeds for the Future: Soy Farming Innovation

American Soybean MagazineJun 19, 2019

As soy growers face challenging times, industry leaders are looking to innovation to keep U.S. soybean growers competitive and protect their ability to farm profitably.