The Benefits of Soy in Skincare
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From Tofu to Toner: The Benefits of Soy in Skincare

Lisa Humphreys

Lisa Humphreys

United Soybean Board

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Soy-Based Gifts Mom Will Love

Lisa Humphreys|May 8, 2024

Nurturing. Unique. Multifaceted. The words that best describe your mom can also apply to... soybeans? It’s true! Not only are soybeans a nutritious staple on…

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Salty Business Embraces Artisan Tofu

Joseph L. Murphy|May 3, 2024

Imagine a slow-churning conveyor belt 2,200 feet below the surface, moving mineral-rich water that has never seen the light of day. The conveyor belt or…

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Elevating Flavor, Enhancing Nutrition: Beef & Soy Protein

Sheri Glazier, MS, RDN, LD|May 1, 2024

April showers [hopefully] bring May flowers and a month to celebrate one of America’s most favored proteins, beef! May is beef month, and what better…

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U.S. Soybean Farmer Innovation | U.S. Soy

Lisa Humphreys|Apr 24, 2024

Innovative U.S. Soybean Farming and Agriculture Technology Did you know that since 1980, U.S. soybean farmers have improved land use efficiency by 48%? Their commitment…

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Cooking Benefits and Smoke Point of Soybean Oil

Lisa Humphreys|Apr 19, 2024

Understanding Soybean Oil: Its Smoke Point and Nutritional Benefits Soybean oil is a popular cooking oil that has maintained an important place in kitchens around…

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Bringing a Renewable Touch to Homes and Offices

USSOY Staff Writer|Mar 29, 2024

From rooftop to insulation to asphalt, soy has the building industry covered as it continues to look for products made with renewable ingredients. With more…

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Plant-Based Solutions Spotlighted at SXSW

Joseph L. Murphy|Mar 28, 2024

If you head south and veer southwest, you’ll land in a place that embraces the weird, the eclectic and the key to future collaboration. Each…

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Celebrate Soy Foods Month 2024

Lisa Humphreys|Mar 27, 2024

Join soybean growers as part of their soy checkoff, the U.S. Soy community, the food industry, health professionals, and consumers across the nation in celebrating…

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3 Sneaky Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Fiber and How Soy Can Help

Chelsea LeBlanc, RDN, LD|Mar 1, 2024

What if you heard there’s a nutrient that curbs cravings and leaves you feeling full and content after every meal? What if that same nutrient…

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What is Edamame? Edamame Nutrition and More

Lisa Humphreys|Feb 26, 2024

Let’s pop open the green treasure chest full of nutritional surprises – edamame! Whether you’re looking for a plant-based protein source or searching for a…