Digestible Protein


USB Staff WriterAug 30, 2017

Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, Professor of Animal Science, University of Madrid, Spain, led a multiyear, comparative…

Animal Feed

Selling Soy’s Nutritional Bundle

Laura WolfAug 24, 2017

Soybean meal is a top feed ingredient for animal agriculture because it meets their needs for consistent, high-quality protein and other nutrients.

End Users

Setting the Standard

Seth NaeveAug 10, 2017

Meeting end-user needs promises a profitable future for U.S. soy. For generations, U.S. farmers have been tied to the notion that we feed the world.…

Animal Feed

Hartke Farms, Teutopolis, Illinois

USSEC Staff WriterJul 24, 2017

Included among the 1,547 people who live in tiny Teutopolis, Illinois, are farmer David Hartke, his wife, Korrine, and their four children. Not included in…


U.S. Soy delivers best nutritional bundle

USSEC Staff WriterJul 5, 2017

A comparative analysis of soybean meal reveals: U.S. Soy delivers best nutritional bundle Commercial samples were gathered over eight consecutive years from the world's largest exporters…


Study finds soy protein concentrates effectively replace animal proteins in weanling pig diets

Hans SteinJun 28, 2017

Soy proteins are gaining popularity with animal food nutritionists due to the decreased expense compared to animal proteins. Hans Stein, University of Illinois professor of…


GONZALO MATEOS, Nutritive Value and Energy Quality of Soybean Meal

Jen Del CarmenJun 22, 2017

Dr. Gonzalo G. Mateos, professor of animal science at the University of Madrid, Spain, discussed his research on the nutritive value and energy quality of…