Perspective on Breast Cancer and Soy Controversy

Mark Messina, Ph.D.Jul 10, 2019

The soy and breast cancer controversy has been around a long time. It persists despite an abundance of human research supporting the safety and possible…


Food Uses of Soy that May Surprise You, Part 2 of 2

Linda FunkJun 27, 2019

Global consumption of soy extends beyond traditional food choices such as tempeh, tofu and soymilk. Soy ingredients also provide functional and nutrition benefits for various…


USSEC Indonesia Supports 400-Year-Old Tempeh Industry

USSEC Staff WriterJun 26, 2019

Indonesians have been using soybeans to make tempeh and tofu for more than 400 years. Dr. Aip Syarifuddin helps the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC)…


Indian Tofu Manufacturers Find Quality in U.S. Soy

USSEC Staff WriterJun 23, 2019

Varinder Singh Bhatti manufacturers tofu in India, where very few soybeans are grown. He says his customers look for very specific qualities, and find them…


Global Growth Markets for New Soy Products, Part 2 of 2

Linda FunkJun 2, 2019

With more consumer attention focused on food products that offer quality ingredients, nutrition content, and high-quality plant proteins, soyfoods are gaining prominence, as many new…


New Insights About Soy and Prostate

Mark Messina, Ph.D.May 17, 2019

Men who regularly consume soy are less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don’t.  New research from Ohio State University provides one reason…