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Emerging Research Explores New Potential Benefits of Eating Soyfoods

Linda Funk|Jun 13, 2020

Emerging areas of soyfoods research may help support the demand for U.S.-grown soy as consumers better understand the nutrition and potential health benefits of consuming…

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Surge in Natto’s Popularity May Help Swell Soybean Demand

Will McNair|May 24, 2020

As Japanese consumers and end users increasingly demand natto, the U.S. soy industry may have an opportunity to increase its exports of natto soybeans.

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Providing Sustainable Protein for Global Nutrition Needs, Part 1 of 2

Linda Funk|Mar 31, 2020

The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) shares information about trends that create a demand for U.S.-grown soybeans. This is Part One of a two-part series…

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Fermented Soy Associated with Lower Mortality Risk, According to Study

Will McNair|Mar 8, 2020

Fermented soy products may reduce the risk of premature death, says a recent British Medical Journal (BMJ) observational study. Men and women who ate fermented…

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Soy Protein Makes a Comeback

Virginia Messina|Nov 19, 2019

Once hailed as a matchless plant protein for crafting veggie meats and cheeses, soy protein has lately been pushed aside in favor of trendier options…

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Challenges to Dietary Fat Dogma Still Supportive of Soyfoods

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Nov 16, 2019

Despite recommendations by the major international health agencies to reduce saturated fat intake, debate continues within the scientific community about the relationship between fatty acid…

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Consumption of Plant Protein and Soyfoods On the Rise

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Oct 30, 2019

New data on the dietary intake of Americans over the past nearly 20 years shows that the intake of plant protein and soyfoods has significantly…

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Soy to the World

North Dakota Soybean Council|Oct 26, 2019

Valley City, North Dakota farmer Monte Peterson was struck by the importance that many cultures place on soyfoods while on a recent trip to China.…


Illinois Visit Highlights U.S. Soy Advantage to Indonesian Buyers

David Headley|Oct 21, 2019

In August 2019, nearly 800 soy and grain industry leaders, buyers, and suppliers from more than 50 countries traveled to the United States for the 7th annual U.S.…

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Soy and Thyroid: Vindication for Soy

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Oct 19, 2019

Over the past 30 years, soyfoods have been plagued by several controversies. The soy and breast cancer relationship has unquestionably been the most contentious one.…