Maryland farmer and USB director Belinda Burrier explains how the expansion of the Port of Grays Harbor to export more U.S. soybean meal to Asia benefits farmers, the community, U.S. Soy customers and sustainable fuel.
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Research Suggests Fermented Soybean Meal Could Replace Fishmeal

Rob Hatchett|Feb 4, 2019

A team of international scientists from the U.S. and China have published their findings of a recent study that looked at the impact of substituting…

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Hans Stein: Digestibility of Amino Acids in U.S. Soy

Jen Del Carmen|Jan 19, 2019

Dr. Hans Stein, professor of animal nutrition at the University of Illinois, spoke at the 2016 U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange about his case study…

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U.S. Soy Delivers Best Nutritional Bundle

USSEC Staff Writer|Jan 3, 2019

A comparative analysis of soybean meal reveals: U.S. Soy delivers the best nutritional bundle. Commercial samples were gathered over eight consecutive years from the world's largest…

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Nutritional Value of U.S. Soybean Products for Animal Agriculture

Hans Stein|Feb 8, 2021

Soybean meal produced in the United States is a feed ingredient that is well-utilized by pigs. In this video, Hans H. Stein, Ph.D., a professor…

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Hans Stein: Amino Acids Mark U.S. Soy as Superior

Jen Del Carmen|Jan 1, 2019

Dr. Hans Stein, professor of animal nutrition at the University of Illinois, speaks about the nutritional value of U.S. Soy. Stein details the importance of…


For Soy Meal Economics, Origin Matters

Pam Helmsing|Oct 22, 2018

Much like a trip down the grocery store aisle, animal agriculture producers have many options when it comes to choosing ingredients for poultry, aquaculture and…


U.S. Soybean Versatility Highlighted at Dakotafest

Michelle Rook|Sep 20, 2018

The soybean industry is a dynamic part of South Dakota's economy with meal and oil products providing feed for livestock and food for consumers. Farmers…

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Closing the Gap Between Soybean Farmers and Feed-Formulators

Delaney Jobe|Sep 10, 2018

Soybean farmers and animal feed nutritionists share a common goal — serving their customers. For everyone involved in animal agricultural, those end users are consumers…

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U.S. Soy Research Meets the Needs of International Customers

USB Staff Writer|Aug 20, 2018

The U.S. Soy industry continually works to ensure the needs of its international customers. Through research on meal innovations that enhance the nutritional density of…