For Soy Meal Economics, Origin Matters

Pam Helmsing

Pam Helmsing

U.S. Soybean Export Council

Much like a trip down the grocery store aisle, animal agriculture producers have many options when it comes to choosing ingredients for poultry, aquaculture and livestock feed. When international customers shop for soybean meal, they are increasingly looking at the country of origin in addition to the price of the soybean meal. 

A recently published study from Schothorst Feed Research indicates that nutritional differences in U.S. soybean meal make it a more cost-effective ingredient for feed formulation when compared to meal from South America. The higher nutritional value contributes economic value to nutritionists when formulating diets for broiler chickens, layers and pigs. The higher levels of digestible amino acids and digestible energy of U.S. soy brings those benefits — even at the same level of crude protein as soy from other origins.

For animal feed formulators using Least Cost Formulation software, the nutritional and economic benefits of U.S. soybean meal help them design diets that lead to cost savings and strong animal performance. For the complete study report, click here.