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Iowa Farmer Blazes Trails in Field and Out

Sara SchaferApr 10, 2019

United Soybean Board (USB) director and Iowa grower April Hemmes always wanted to run her family’s century-old farm. As the fourth generation of her family…

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Going to Work

Lisa HumphreysFeb 1, 2019

Each day, as U.S. Soy farmers head to work, they’re keeping their customers and partnerships in mind. Take a look at the day of a U.S.…

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Healthy Soil Delivers More Nutrition to U.S. Farmers and their Customers

Randall HymanDec 22, 2018

Mitchell Hora digs soil, especially if it’s in a soybean field and full of worms. Armed with a shovel, iPad and college degree, he represents…

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A Servant of the Land: U.S. Soy Farmer Relies on Work Ethic, Integrity, Character and Drive to Keep Moving Forward

Randall HymanDec 14, 2018

Janet Reeder Gillen wades through a sea of soybeans on a late afternoon in September, and I follow in her wake, laden with cameras. It…

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Generation Z: A New Era of Farming in the U.S.

Steve KozelDec 10, 2018

What Should International Customers Expect from the Next Generation of Farmers? Each generation enters the workforce bringing new perspectives and processes. As new technologies and…

Family farms

Coming Of Age On A U.S. Soy Century Farm

Randall HymanDec 9, 2018

A visit to the Corzatt farm in west central Illinois is a perfect introduction to the typical mid-sized, Midwestern family farm in the United States.…