Rob Hatchett

Senior Economist
Farm Journal Media


Increasing Demand for U.S. Soybeans in Container Shipments

Rob HatchettFeb 14, 2019

An aggregation of historical Federal Grain Inspections Services (FGIS) data shows that non-Chinese buyers have shown a growing preference for receiving U.S. soybeans in container…


China Again the Top Destination for U.S. Soybeans in January

Rob HatchettFeb 8, 2019

Federal Grain Inspections Services (FGIS) issued official export data for the week ending January 31 and, thanks to a strong surge the last half of…

Soybean Meal

Research Suggests Fermented Soybean Meal Could Replace Fishmeal

Rob HatchettFeb 4, 2019

A team of international scientists from the U.S. and China have published their findings of a recent study that looked at the impact of substituting…


High Waters Slow U.S. Grain Movement to the Gulf

Rob HatchettFeb 2, 2019

According to Federal Grain Inspections Service (FGIS) data, 48.1 percent of grain inspected for export in 2018 left via the Mississippi River. The percentage of…


EU Ruling on Palm May Benefit U.S. Soy in the Long Term

Rob HatchettFeb 1, 2019

According to Bloomberg Environment, the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, has until February 1 to rule which biofuel feedstocks are deemed to be sustainable.…


U.S. Soy Processing Increases to Close Out 2018

Rob HatchettJan 27, 2019

The National Oilseed Processors Association typically represents about 95 percent of the U.S. Soy processing industry. The group, referred to as NOPA, released their December…