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Ground Work 2021: Ideal Growing Conditions for North Dakota Soybeans

Matt GastJul 26, 2021

While some areas of the U.S., including my state, are way too dry, other areas of the country are way too wet. But in my…

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Ground Work 2021: Mississippi River Levels, Rain Impact Illinois Soybeans

Daryl CatesJul 21, 2021

What a difference a week makes. During the week of June 21, the Mississippi River dropped as low as 3 m, or 10 feet, and…

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Ground Work 2021: Moisture Dictating Iowa Soybean Growth

Tim BardoleJul 14, 2021

The weather has been extremely dry in our area of Iowa, and that has slowed crop growth. Both our soybeans and corn are now growing…

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Quality U.S. Soyfood Beans: Customer Relationships Reinforce Importance of Ensuring Quality in Ohio

Jeff MagyarJul 2, 2021

As one of the U.S. farmers committed to producing high-quality food-grade soybeans, I have had regular opportunities to get to know our customers. My family…

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Ground Work 2021: Controlling Weeds in Illinois

Daryl CatesJun 24, 2021

After rain delays through much of May, I finished planting soybeans on June 5. I am still amazed at how quickly we can get caught…

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Ground Work 2021: Crops Progressing in Alabama

Wendy YeagerJun 23, 2021

We finished planting our full-season crops by the end of May. Then we started harvesting winter wheat on June 1. However, after cutting just one semi-load, rain and wet…