U.S. Ag Exports Continue During Pandemic

USSEC Staff Writer|Apr 7, 2020

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has slowed many industries in recent months. But U.S. farmers continue to grow a reliable supply of agricultural commodities – including…


Flooding Concerns Remain for Next Couple of Months

Alan Barrett|Apr 1, 2020

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released the 2020 National Hydrologic Assessment report, which provides an extended forecast for water related issues. For farmers…


Safe Soybeans, Hazards to Crew: How COVID-19 is Impacting Trade

Alan Barrett|Mar 28, 2020

ProFarmer and Hellenic Shipper News reported that China’s soymeal futures are increasing as soybean crushers suspended operations due to a shortage of soybeans as the…


Despite IMO, Ocean Freight Rates to Remain Below $50 per Metric Ton

Alan Barrett|Mar 16, 2020

Lower barge and ocean freight rates could be beneficial to the U.S. soy industry.


Improvements to Illinois, Upper Mississippi Rivers will Benefit U.S. Soy

Alan Barrett|Mar 1, 2020

The inland Mississippi River system plays a major role in transporting U.S. grains and oilseeds, especially soybeans. The inland Mississippi River system is comprised of…


Barge Industry Consolidation

Alan Barrett|Feb 18, 2020

Barge industry consolidation will affect the U.S. soy industry in 2020.


Minimum Freight Rates Increasing 11% to 15%

Alan Barrett|Feb 12, 2020

One of the most provocative items in determining the minimum freight rate (MFRT) was the fact that it must provide a “livable just wage” for…


Truck Rates Increasing After Long Fall

Alan Barrett|Feb 6, 2020

Truck capacity is booked either by spot market or through a contract rate. The spot rate is the market rate, while the contract rate is…


Ocean Freight Rates at Nine Month Low

Alan Barrett|Jan 28, 2020

Due to Asia’s extremely long distance from the U.S., ocean freight rates play a major role in the price a farmer ultimately receives. Over the…


Olmsted Lock and Dam Plans Proceeding

Alan Barrett|Jan 7, 2020

Well-functioning waterways are crucial to U.S. infrastructure and the timely, reliable delivery of U.S. soybeans. For the Olmsted Lock and Dam project, the next steps…