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Growth in Tempeh Market Offers Global Opportunities

USSEC Staff Writer|Aug 5, 2020

Growing demand for tempeh could increase demand for the U.S. soybeans preferred in Indonesia – and create opportunities for Indonesia to export tempeh to the…

Food & Lifestyle

Developing a Global Taste for Soyfoods

Linda Funk|May 10, 2020

Here’s how culinary professionals learn from each other’s cultures and cuisines. These examples demonstrate how U.S.-grown soy fulfills global nutrition needs and contributes to contemporary…

Food & Lifestyle

Growing Global Tempeh Markets Tap into Trend and Tradition, Part 2 of 2

Linda Funk|Sep 16, 2019

Tempeh is both trendy and traditional. Today, some global consumers see it as a staple, while others are newly embracing soyfood plant proteins. The result…


Indonesia Attaché Office Sees Larger Soy Imports Feeding Growing Domestic Consumption

Rob Hatchett|Apr 9, 2019

Indonesia’s U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) attaché office in Jakarta issued its Oilseeds and Products Update January 2019 in mid-February. In the report, the office…