Lynn Rohrscheib
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Ground Work 2022: Planting Double-Crop Soybeans in Illinois

Lynn RohrscheibAug 2, 2022

After a late spring, we finished planting our crops at the beginning of June. But now it is dry, and our crops really need a…

Family farms

Ground Work 2022: Illinois Planting Challenged by Rains and Supply Chain Uncertainty

Lynn RohrscheibJun 10, 2022

Spring has been wet and cool in our area of Illinois, in the heart of the U.S. Midwest. Rains limited the amount of fieldwork we…

Family farms

Ground Work 2022: Meet Illinois Farmer Lynn Rohrscheib

Laura TempleMay 1, 2022

Throughout the 2022 growing season, will provide regular Ground Work updates from several U.S. soybean farmers around the country. Follow their updates, #GroundWork2022, to…