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Animal Nutrition

U.S. Soy Delivers Animal Nutrition

Laura Temple|Aug 7, 2022

High-quality protein goes hand-in-hand with increasing standards of living around the world. As incomes rise, so does demand for nutritious protein. “Consumers need every form…

Animal Nutrition

U.S. Soy Used in Waters Worldwide

USSEC Staff Writer|Sep 8, 2017

Mike Beard never thought his Indiana soybeans would be used for feeding tilapia or shrimp on the other side of the globe. But with more…

Animal Nutrition

Hartke Farms, Teutopolis, Illinois

USSEC Staff Writer|Jul 24, 2017

Included among the 1,547 people who live in tiny Teutopolis, Illinois, are farmer David Hartke, his wife, Korrine, and their four children. Not included in…

Bob Henry Farm in Robinson, KS
Ground Work

Corn Harvesting Week

USSEC Staff Writer|Oct 15, 2013

While the soybeans are not quite ready to come out of the fields on Bob Henry’s farm, corn harvest is underway this week. Bob reported…

Ground Work

All Soy Is Not Created Equal

USSEC Staff Writer|Oct 8, 2013

Like most farmers, Jennie Schmidt enjoys gazing over her fields, knowing the crops grown on her farm will contribute to America’s safe and abundant food…