Quint Pottinger

U.S. Soybean farmer


Ground Work

Gearing Up for Harvest

Quint Pottinger|Oct 19, 2017

We’re nearly ready to begin harvesting our soybeans. I know every farmer is just as busy in the fall as I am, and we are…

Ground Work

The Soybeans are Flat Growing

Quint Pottinger|Aug 25, 2017

Quint Pottinger, Affinity Farms, New Haven, Kentucky talks about weather, cover crops, and how this year's harvest is coming along.

Ground Work

GROUND WORK – Planting Season is Over in Kentucky

Quint Pottinger|Jun 26, 2017

We finally got to our last field today. We began planting corn on May 15 and then started soybeans on May 21. It’s seemed like…

Ground Work

GROUND WORK – Spring in Kentucky

Quint Pottinger|May 16, 2017

As in much of the U.S., it’s been a wet spring here in New Haven, Kentucky. In the meantime, I’m getting a lot of non-urgent…

Ground Work

Harvest is just around the corner

Quint Pottinger|Sep 30, 2016

Harvest is just around the corner at Affinity Farms in New Haven, Kentucky. In mid-September, Quint Pottinger said they’re still getting a lot of hot…