Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Finishing a Successful Indiana Harvest

Mike Koehne|Nov 23, 2022

Harvest 2022 has gone well on our farm in the U.S. Midwest. The weather has been beautiful for harvest. The crop yields have been average,…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Connecting with Customers Before Starting Indiana Soybean Harvest

Mike Koehne|Oct 13, 2022

Though conditions have been challenging in our area of the U.S. Midwest, I expect a quality, but average yield, from our 2022 soybean crop. Temperatures…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Protecting Indiana Soybean Yield Potential

Mike Koehne|Aug 16, 2022

Despite planting delays due to rain followed by hot, dry weather, our crops don’t look too bad. Summer conditions have been tough in our area…

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Ground Work 2022:Rains Delay Indiana Soybean Planting

Mike Koehne|Jun 28, 2022

This spring has continued to be a challenge in our area of the U.S. Midwest. We started planting on May 10, and we successfully planted…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Soybean Planting Progressing in Indiana

Mike Koehne|May 20, 2022

This spring has been a challenge — and that’s not just because of the wet, cool weather we had throughout April. I tore the meniscus…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Meet Indiana Farmer Mike Koehne

Laura Temple|Apr 5, 2022

Throughout the 2022 growing season, will provide regular Ground Work updates from several U.S. soybean farmers around the country. Follow their updates, #GroundWork2022, to…

Ground Work

Factors Driving 2022 U.S. Planting Decisions

Mac Marshall|Mar 25, 2022

U.S. farmers are receiving a variety of market signals as the 2022 planting season approaches. The combination of strong crop prices and high input costs…

Ground Work

2020 Ground Work:Wrapping Up Another Challenging Season

Tom Griffiths|Dec 17, 2020

Indiana soybean farmer Tom Griffiths shares his final 2020 Ground Work update on harvest, fall field work, and looking back on 2020 as a whole.

Ground Work

2020 Ground Work:Perfect Indiana Fall Weather Allows Progress in Fields

Tom Griffiths|Nov 17, 2020

Indiana soybean farmer Tom Griffiths shares a 2020 Ground Work update on corn harvest, planting cover crops, fertilizing fields, cutting hay and shredding stalks to…

Ground Work

2020 Ground Work:Soybean Harvest in Northeast Indiana

Tom Griffiths|Oct 26, 2020

Indiana soybean farmer Tom Griffiths shares a 2020 Ground Work update 2020 soybean harvest, seeding cover crops and more.