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Japan Attaché Provides Glimpse of 2019/20 Oilseed Outlook

Rob Hatchett|Jul 5, 2019

USDA’s Post in Tokyo published its Oilseeds and Products Annual report, which provided insights for the upcoming 2019/20 marketing year. In the report, the Post…

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Asian Growth Center Drives World Agricultural Decisions

Alan Barrett|Jun 5, 2019

The Asian Growth Center (China south to Philippines east to India) is experiencing great growth in food consumption but has limited acreage available for cultivation.…

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May WASDE Provides Bearish Outlook for World Soybean Supplies

Rob Hatchett|May 13, 2019

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued its preliminary regular look ahead to the 2019/20 world soybean outlook on Friday, May 10. In its initial…

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North Dakota Soy Farmer Says Relationship Building is Key to Philippine Customers’ Loyalty

Dan Spiekermeier|May 9, 2019

North Dakota farmer Dan Spiekermeier discusses his March 2019 visit to an aquaculture farm in the Philippines, where they use 100 percent U.S. Soy. Spiekermeier…

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Filipino Customers Prefer U.S. Soy, Says Michigan Farmer

Laurie Isley|May 9, 2019

Michigan farmer Laurie Isley was excited to see how U.S. Soy was being used in the Philippines during her March 2019 visit. In this video,…

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Illinois Farmer Sees U.S. Soy Utilization in Philippines

John Longley|May 9, 2019

Illinois farmer John Longley provides an overview of U.S. Soy use in the Philippines. During his March 2019 visit, he toured feed mills, a soymilk…

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Pakistan Buyer Appreciates the Commitment Farmers Have to Their Land

RSN Janjua|Apr 30, 2019

While attending the 2018 U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange, Pakistani buyer Nabi Bukhs Anwer was able to tour Kansas farms and converse with local producers.…


Meeting Buyers’ Needs with U.S. Soy

Eduardo Chang|Jan 30, 2019

Those at the middle of a supply chain attain success by supplying their end-users with quality products that meet demand. When it comes to soy…


U.S. Soy Processors Expand Domestic Crush Capacity

Rob Hatchett|Jan 20, 2019

A recent study indicates that two new crush facilities are expected to open their operations in 2019, with a third crush plant expected to start…


Illinois Soybean Farmer Strives to Meet and Learn About International Customers

John Longley|Jan 16, 2019

U.S. soybean farmer John Longley lives close to the river that transports his soybeans to the Gulf of Mexico and to end users overseas. 60…