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The Sustainability Story of U.S.-Grown Soy

USB Staff WriterDec 2, 2018

Almost half of U.S. land is devoted to farming, and soybeans comprise a large portion of the crops grown on this land. Soy Connection takes a…

High oleic

FDA Authorizes Qualified Health Claim for Oils High in Oleic Acid

USB Staff WriterNov 27, 2018

A new FDA qualified health claim states that oils high in oleic acid, such as high oleic soybean oil, may reduce the risk of coronary…


Balancing Productivity and Stewardship

USB Staff WriterAug 31, 2018

Irrigation is just one of the practices U.S. soybean farmers use to increase their yields - and their sustainability. The United Soybean Board spoke with an…


Farmer Practices Protect Community Water

USB Staff WriterAug 29, 2018

Water is on the minds of soybean farmers constantly. They work to protect the streams, lakes and rivers running through their communities. Their kids and…


Sustainable Farming: Growing More With Less

USB Staff WriterAug 29, 2018

Farmers are always innovating in order to improve Sustainability takes flexibility. Farmers understand what works well for one field on their farm may not work…


Though Sustainability Practices Vary, the Results Benefit All

USB Staff WriterAug 29, 2018

For any organization, when it comes to sustainability, there are many perspectives and methods. As CEO of their farms, soybean farmers like other business leaders,…