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U.S. Soy Adds Positive Economic and Environmental Impact

USB Staff WriterJun 15, 2022

In industrial manufacturing, performance comes first. But the biobased industry proves meeting high-performance standards can still benefit the environment — and the economy. According to…

Industrial Uses

Soy: The Secret Ingredient to Help Companies Achieve ESG Success

USB Staff WriterMay 25, 2022

These days, companies are being assessed on far more than just their bottom line and the possible return on investment delivered to investors. A company’s…

Consumer Goods

Survey Says: Consumers Want Food Made with U.S. Crops

USB Staff WriterMay 9, 2022

The United Soybean Board (USB) released results of a new survey, highlighting consumer perceptions of U.S. soybeans, soybean farmers and the U.S. food supply chain. According…


U.S. Soy Sustainability Overview Year 2021

USB Staff WriterApr 11, 2022

United States soybean farmers grow and develop sustainable soy-based solutions to address some of today’s biggest societal challenges – producing feed, food and fuel for…


Nothing Fishy Here: U.S. Soy Protein Feeds Aquaculture, Grows Demand

USB Staff WriterJan 19, 2022

Startled by his alarm, Philip Good reached for his phone, half asleep. A flick of his finger across the screen showed him the oxygen levels…

Consumer Goods

U.S. Soy: A Gift for All Seasons

USB Staff WriterDec 21, 2021

Higher performance, increased sustainability and lower cost — these are just a few of the demands that today’s modern consumers expect. For companies relying on…