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Ground Work 2021: Ideal Growing Conditions for North Dakota Soybeans

Matt GastJul 26, 2021

While some areas of the U.S., including my state, are way too dry, other areas of the country are way too wet. But in my…

Our Farms

Ground Work 2021: North Dakota Crops Emerging, Need Rain

Matt GastJun 16, 2021

This year, we finished planting all our fields – both soybeans and corn – by May 27, roughly two weeks earlier than average. It’s also…

Our Farms

Ground Work 2021: Planting North Dakota Fields

Matt GastMay 17, 2021

We started planting both soybeans and corn the last week of April, even though we had snow the weekend before in some of our fields.…

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Ground Work 2021: Fields Nearly Ready for Planting in North Dakota

Matt GastApr 14, 2021

The warm, very dry spring we have had in our area of North Dakota in the United States northern plains has been very different than…