Laurie Isley

U.S. Soybean Farmer


Laurie Isley is the current chair of United Soybean Board's Communication and Education Committee.

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Post-Harvest Planning in Michigan Supports Sustainable Practices Next Year

Laurie Isley|Dec 30, 2021

We finished harvesting our crops in mid-November. Wet weather slowed all farmers in our region of the eastern U.S. Midwest, so after we finished combining…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Season Just Starting to Change for Michigan Soybeans

Laurie Isley|Sep 13, 2021

As August ends and September begins, we are seeing the first signs of fall in our region of Michigan, in the eastern U.S. Midwest. I…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Promoting Sustainable Practices in Michigan Soybeans

Laurie Isley|Aug 10, 2021

From mid-July through August, we are consistently watching and waiting for rain. Thankfully, we have had very timely rains so far this season in our…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Cover Crops Emerging as Michigan Harvest Continues

Laurie Isley|Nov 11, 2021

Dry weather allowed us to get an early start on harvest. But the weather changed, as it often does. October brought wet weather, and it…


Ground Work 2021: Michigan Soybean Harvest Moving Quickly

Laurie Isley|Oct 11, 2021

The dry August in our region of the eastern U.S. Midwest first showed its impact on our crops with how quickly both our soybeans and…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Sustainable Practices Making a Difference in Michigan Fields

Laurie Isley|Jul 8, 2021

We are enjoying a break from work now that the crops are planted and we’ve done what we can to provide an environment for them…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Wrapping up Michigan Planting Season

Laurie Isley|Jun 4, 2021

We finished planting soybeans in mid-May, and we terminated all our cover crops prior to crop emergence. Corn planting was completed on May 24. It…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Planting Soybeans in Michigan

Laurie Isley|May 10, 2021

We are in full planting mode! We often have limited good days to plant our soybeans and corn, due to spring storms. That means when…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Spring Preparation and Sustainability in Michigan

Laurie Isley|Apr 8, 2021

The unseasonably warm, dry March in our area of Michigan, in the eastern United States midwest, has us anxious to start planting, but it still…

Animal Nutrition

Filipino Customers Prefer U.S. Soy, Says Michigan Farmer

Laurie Isley|May 9, 2019

Michigan farmer Laurie Isley was excited to see how U.S. Soy was being used in the Philippines during her March 2019 visit. In this video,…