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Animal Nutrition

Particle Size Matters: Study Points to Feed Efficiency

Chris Krull|Aug 15, 2022

New research shows that larger particle sizes can lead to even more feed efficiency when it comes to soybean meal. The research from Dr. Carl…

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Animal Nutrition

Researchers find improvements in feed efficiency with U.S. Soy

Chris Krull|Jun 23, 2022

The results are in and the numbers side with soybean meal. Studies conducted by Kansas State University and JBS show soy as having between 105% to…


U.S. Soy Research Meets the Needs of International Customers

Chris Krull|Oct 6, 2018

The U.S. Soy industry continually works to ensure the needs of its international customers. Through research on meal innovations that enhance the nutritional density of…


Consistent Supply Puts U.S. Soy in Demand

Chris Krull|Oct 3, 2018

When delays of just days can result in big costs, U.S. soy customers buy for reliable supply Supply isn’t sexy. Steve Jobs isn’t remembered for…

Animal Nutrition

More Measurement Will Mean More Value for U.S. Soy Customers

Chris Krull|Sep 26, 2018

Just as U.S. farmers envision the future for that tiny seed they plant at the beginning of each season, each link along the U.S. Soy…


High Oleic Soybean Oil: A U.S. Soy Innovation

Chris Krull|Jun 13, 2018

Since before Henry Ford used soy as a plastic component in the Ford Model T car, technological innovation has been at the backbone of the…


Modern Plant Breeding

Chris Krull|Jun 4, 2018


U.S. Soy’s Transportation Costs: A Competitive Advantage

Chris Krull|May 5, 2018

Thanks to our more efficient infrastructure of highways, rivers, rails and ports, it is far less expensive to ship soybeans from the United States than…

Food & Lifestyle

Q & A: U.S. Soybean Farmer Answers Sustainability Questions from South American Buyers

Chris Krull|Apr 16, 2018

It’s not every day that international customers of U.S. soy have the opportunity to speak with a U.S. soybean farmer who grows it. Thanks to…


Technology Boosts Sustainability in Illinois Soybean Field

Chris Krull|Mar 29, 2018

Illinois soybean farmer Doug Winter explains to a group of South American buyers how he uses technology to continuously improve and boost sustainability.