USSEC Reports that Most U.S. Specialty Soybean Growers Anticipate Above-Average Yields

Linda FunkOct 1, 2018

U.S. specialty soybean growers across the country are reporting good news about this year’s crop quality and yields, with many attributing that outcome to the…


We Feed the World

Todd GibsonSep 13, 2018

Missouri soybean farmer Todd Gibson, who began farming in 1993, notes how technology has changed since that time. He points out how updated equipment and…

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Harvest is just around the corner

Quint PottingerSep 30, 2016

Harvest is just around the corner at Affinity Farms in New Haven, Kentucky. In mid-September, Quint Pottinger said they’re still getting a lot of hot…

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Catching Up on Paperwork

Richard WilkinsDec 1, 2014

Although I’m catching up on paperwork this week, the men on the farm are weaning, vaccinating and worming calves. We’ve also been working in the…

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The best soybean yields that we’ve ever had

Annie DeeNov 25, 2014

Harvest went great for us this year. We had the best corn and soybean yields that we’ve ever had. The prices were down a bit,…

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Saving the Soil for the Future

Lisa HumphreysJul 1, 2014

If you walk through the fields on Laura and Bill Foell’s corn and soybean farm in Iowa in the spring, you might notice seedlings poking…