Reliable U.S. Soy: Exporter Developing Sustainable Soy Supply Chain

Mauricio Garcia|Oct 8, 2021

Following the harvest of the first crop of our unique soybeans developed for the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, area farmers are very excited…


Soybean Breeding for Drought Tolerance – COVID Style

Lisa M. Balbes|Jul 28, 2020

Due to COVID-19, soybean breeding researchers had to weigh, bag, and label seeds for 10,000 plots from their garages, dining room tables, and back porches.…

Ground Work

2020 Ground Work: Hauling Grain and Getting Ready to Plant in Illinois

Elliott Uphoff|Apr 3, 2020

When the calendar turns to April, we want to be ready to start planting as soon as field conditions allow in central Illinois, the heart…

Ground Work

2020 Ground Work: Fertilizing and Seed Delivery

Cory Atkins|Mar 27, 2020

March has been relatively warm and dry in our area, on the U.S. east coast. If the weather holds, planting will start sooner rather than…


Artificial Intelligence Helps U.S. Soybean Farmers Select Seed

Erika Ebsworth-Goold|Jan 4, 2019

Ever wonder how U.S. soybean farmers determine what soybean varieties to plant? There are hundreds of options to choose from. Genetically modified (GMO) or conventional.…


Development Stages of a Soybean

Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board|Dec 14, 2017

Understanding and being able to correctly identify the growth stages of soybean is important for U.S. soybean farmers as they make sound agronomic management decisions.…