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Implementing Sustainable Management Systems

Hannah Schlapp|Aug 20, 2020

U.S. Soy invests in sustainably driven information from university researchers and private industry and farmer-led organizations across the U.S., helping farmers manage their pesticide applications.


Continuous soybeans and cover crops

USSEC Staff Writer|Feb 27, 2020

Research from Ohio State University examined the impact of cover crops on stand, yield and pest pressure in continuous soybeans. Conducted by graduate research associate…


Planting Seeds for the Future: Soy Farming Innovation

American Soybean Magazine|Jun 19, 2019

As soy growers face challenging times, industry leaders are looking to innovation to keep U.S. soybean growers competitive and protect their ability to farm profitably.


Is U.S. Soy Farming Sustainable?

Kansas Farm Food Connection|Sep 14, 2018

Crop roation, contour farming and water conservation are just a few of the sustainable farming practices the Winsor family uses to help improve the soil…