Continuous soybeans and cover crops

USSEC Staff Writer

USSEC Staff Writer

U.S. Soybean Export Council

U.S. research explores innovative ways to continuously improve soybean production. A graduate research association at The Ohio State University recent shared findings from using cover crops in continuous soybean systems in an Ohio Field Leader article that was also shared in Ohio’s Country Journal.

The percent of Ohio fields with continuous soybeans increased from 8% to 17% in just four years. And more soybean fields have cover crops planted whether before or after the soybean crop. Keeley Overmyer, a graduate research associate at The Ohio State University, set out to answer the question, “Do cover crops in continuous soybean systems impact disease and insect pressure, and yield?”

She evaluated the effect of cover crop planting date and termination date on: pest pressure, stand and yield. And while her work found a small yield increase, she noted that weather conditions play a significant role in the system.