Brazil’s Minimum Freight Rates May be Ruled Unconstitutional

Alan BarrettFeb 26, 2020

A possible truckers’ strike in Brazil could potentially affect the U.S. soy industry.


Paving of BR-163 Improves Brazil Northern Arc Ports

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Improvements to Brazilian infrastructure could potentially affect the U.S. soy industry.


Brazil Northern Arc Exports Changing the Electrical Grid

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Nowhere is the impact of increasing Brazil soybean exports felt more than the “Northern Arc.” Brazil is the largest soybean exporter and second largest corn…


Highway BR-163 in Northern Brazil Reopened; Issues Remain

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Talk of improving Brazil’s highway system has long been a topic of interest as it would improve their competitiveness in the world market. Although the…


Transportation: U.S. versus Brazil

USB Staff WriterJan 6, 2016

How Brazil's infrastructure makes delivery costly and unsustainable