Mark Messina, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Soy Nutrition Institute

Dr. Mark Messina is an internationally recognized expert on the health effects of soy. He has appeared on CNN and is regularly quoted by the media in publications including the New York Times, Newsweek and USA Today. Dr. Messina has presented to both consumer and professional audiences in 44 countries on topics including soy and cancer risk, heart health, menopause and men’s health.Mark is the co-author of The Simple Soybean and Your Health. His research has appeared in numerous professional journals including the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Nutrition, Lancet, and the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.Dr. Messina is a former program director in the Diet and Cancer Branch, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, where he initiated a multi-million dollar research program investigating the role of soy in cancer prevention.Mark co-owns Nutrition Matters, Inc., a nutrition consulting company, is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Loma Linda University and the executive director of the Soy Nutrition Institute.

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Challenges to Dietary Fat Dogma Still Supportive of Soyfoods

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Nov 16, 2019

Despite recommendations by the major international health agencies to reduce saturated fat intake, debate continues within the scientific community about the relationship between fatty acid…

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Skeletal Benefits of Soy

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Nov 5, 2019

There may be two important reasons for women with breast cancer to consume soy. The skeletal benefits of soy have been investigated in earnest for…

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Consumption of Plant Protein and Soyfoods On the Rise

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Oct 30, 2019

New data on the dietary intake of Americans over the past nearly 20 years shows that the intake of plant protein and soyfoods has significantly…

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Soy and Thyroid:Vindication for Soy

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Oct 19, 2019

Over the past 30 years, soyfoods have been plagued by several controversies. The soy and breast cancer relationship has unquestionably been the most contentious one.…

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Decades of Research Show Soy Protein Lowers LDL Cholesterol

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Sep 28, 2019

Two newly published analyses support the efficacy of soy protein for lowering blood cholesterol levels.1,2 Published in top tier peer-reviewed nutrition and medical journals, the combined…

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Pilot Study:Soybean Oil Alleviates Cancer-Related Fatigue

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Aug 28, 2019

Researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center recently reported that supplementing the diet with soybean oil significantly reduces fatigue in breast cancer survivors.1  Although…

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Decades of Research Show Soy Protein Lowers LDL-Cholesterol

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Aug 14, 2019

Two newly published analyses support the efficacy of soy protein for lowering blood cholesterol levels.1,2 Published in top tier peer-reviewed nutrition and medical journals, the…

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Perspective on Breast Cancer and Soy Controversy

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Jul 10, 2019

The soy and breast cancer controversy has been around a long time. It persists despite an abundance of human research supporting the safety and possible…

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Soy, High-Phytate Foods May Help Prevent Cancer

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Jul 3, 2019

The high phytate content of soy and plant-based diets might help to prevent the development of cancer. That speculation could be drawn from the publication…

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New Insights About Soy and Prostate

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|May 17, 2019

Men who regularly consume soy are less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don’t.  New research from Ohio State University provides one reason…