Caleb Ragland

U.S. Soybean Farmer

Caleb Ragland and his wife Leanne farm with his father and brother near Magnolia, Kentucky. They raise double-crop soybeans, corn, winter wheat and have a farrow-to-wean pig operation. A ninth-generation farmer, Caleb joined the family farm full-time in 2008 after earning a degree in business management and economics/finance. He currently serves on the governing committee of the American Soybean Association, the Kentucky Soybean Board, and the Kentucky Livestock Coalition. He and Leanne have three sons, Charlie, Cory and Carter.

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Ground Work 2021: Kentucky Soybeans Maturing and Corn Harvest Starting

Caleb RaglandSep 20, 2021

Both our double-crop soybeans and our corn crop are looking really good. The soybeans are nearly finished blooming, and we have just started shelling corn.…

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Ground Work 2021: Defending Soybeans against Kentucky Pests

Caleb RaglandAug 19, 2021

Though our double-crop soybeans got off to a good start in late June, the month of July was fairly dry. The crops are getting thirsty.…

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Ground Work 2021: Planting Double-Crop Soybeans in Kentucky

Caleb RaglandJul 15, 2021

We had a short break of a couple weeks at the beginning of June before we were busy in the field again. We started winter…

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Ground Work 2021: Cool, Wet Kentucky Weather Slows Progress

Caleb RaglandJun 17, 2021

The rains that started coming in late April have continued. Heavy rains, along with ongoing cool temperatures, has made this spring challenging. We finished planting…

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Ground Work 2021: Round-the-Clock Planting in Kentucky

Caleb RaglandMay 10, 2021

It has been a strange spring. Much of April was cool and dry. However, by the last week of April, we started getting rains that…

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Ground Work 2021: Getting Kentucky Fields Ready to Plant

Caleb RaglandApr 9, 2021

March brought plenty of rain to our area of central Kentucky, in the southern United States. We have been repairing waterways in our rolling fields…