Soy Innovation and Sustainability

Missouri Soybean Association|Jun 23, 2020

The Missouri Soybean Association and Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council share research about genetic diversity in soybeans and the Center for Soy Innovation.

Ground Work

2020 Ground Work: Illinois Rain Delays

Elliott Uphoff|May 28, 2020

Illinois soybean farmer Elliott Uphoff shares a 2020 Ground Work update about long rain delays while planting soybeans on his farm.

Ground Work

2020 Ground Work: Soil and Water Management in Arkansas

Brad Doyle|May 16, 2020

Arkansas soybean farmer Brad Doyle shares a 2020 Ground Work update on planting for his farm and Eagles Seed Company, including soil and water management.


Management Practices Impact Carbon Storage in Soils

University of California, Davis|Feb 16, 2020

A long-term study at the University of California Davis Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility, in the western U.S., found that practices that increase soil organic…


Six Basics to Protect Water and Improve Soil

Delaware Soybean Board|Jan 12, 2020

U.S. soybean farmers adopt management practices to continuously improve sustainability. A Delaware farmer, from the U.S. east coast, describes basic practices that protect water quality…


Alabama Soybean Farmer Takes Part in Carbon Storage Effort

Dennis Pillion|Dec 19, 2019

U.S. soybean farmers explore innovative ways to continuously improve their sustainability, with benefits that reach beyond their farms. Annie Dee, a soybean farmer and United…


Sustainable Farmer Award Winner Focuses on Regenerative Agriculture

Field to Market|Dec 6, 2019

Innovation allows U.S. soybean farmers to continuously improve the sustainability of their crops and pass those benefits on to customers. Field to Market: The Alliance…


Multi-Faceted Approach to Soil Health and Conservation

Bethany Baratta|Dec 4, 2019

Every year, U.S. soybean farmers gain experience to continuously improve the sustainability of their crops, while adapting to changing conditions. For example, past American Soybean…

Ground Work

Constant Change

South Dakota Soybean|Dec 3, 2019

Weather, Technology and Economics Drive Need to Adapt It doesn’t take a historian to see that farming today is different than it was a generation…


How Healthier Soil Helps Farmers Survive Record Rains, Drought

Amy Saltzman|Nov 18, 2019

In Iowa, farmer Mitchell Hora uses cover crops to protect against extreme weather. The rains started in early May, a series of near-constant showers across…