U.S. Soy Sees Potential in Aquaculture

USB Staff Writer|Apr 4, 2019

Soybean meal is the No. 1 protein source used in aquaculture worldwide, and farmed fish currently comprise almost half of the global fish protein intake…


Highway BR-163 in Northern Brazil Reopened; Issues Remain

Alan Barrett|Apr 3, 2019

Talk of improving Brazil’s highway system has long been a topic of interest as it would improve their competitiveness in the world market. Although the…


U.S. Soybean Processor Members Report Record Crush in February

Rob Hatchett|Apr 1, 2019

The National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) issued its mid-month member crush and stocks report on Friday March 15. The February data showed that members crushed…


U.S. Soybean Shipments Remain Diverse Despite Return of China

Rob Hatchett|Mar 24, 2019

Weekly Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) export data for the final week of February showed that, despite the return of major U.S. soybean shipments to state-owned…


WISHH Strategic Partnerships Develop U.S. Soy Aquaculture Markets in Cambodia

Jim Hershey|Mar 16, 2019

The American Soybean Association’s (ASA) World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) works to enhance global protein by connecting trade and development. WISHH’s latest…

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ASC Markets Offer ‘Sweet Spot’ for U.S. Soy

Emily French|Feb 28, 2019

Emily French, managing director of Consiliagra, says countries in the Asia Subcontinent with high density populations and growing animal protein consumption are great opportunities for…

Animal Nutrition

Factors Poised to Shape the Future of the Soybean Meal Market

Lisa Humphreys|Feb 24, 2019

The soy market is integral to the international and national economies of the world, and that market is in the early stages of major change.…


Aquaculture Investment Opens Doors to New Markets

Joseph L. Murphy|Feb 6, 2019

Two thousand years of aquaculture in China was revolutionized by one system developed by the U.S. soybean industry and supported with an investment by Iowa…

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Market Transparency Gives U.S. Soy an Advantage

Emily French|Feb 1, 2019

Emily French, managing director of Consiliagra, says the U.S. has the most transparent market that importers will ever find. She emphasizes that as the world…


Dryness Casts Doubts on Size of Upcoming Brazilian Soybean Harvest

Rob Hatchett|Jan 13, 2019

Market watchers have been following the development of a weak El Nino pattern in recent months, and its impact is beginning to be felt in…