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Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:With Kentucky Harvest Finished, It’s Time to Plan for Next Season

Caleb Ragland|Dec 21, 2021

It was a long, wet fall. Rain continued to slow soybean harvest. We finally finished cutting soybeans on November 30. In our area of the…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:Cutting Alabama Soybeans and Preparing for Next Year

Wendy Yeager|Dec 9, 2021

We finally finished harvesting our soybeans on November 24, marking the end of our very long harvest season. We started harvesting single-season soybeans on November…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:Alabama Soybeans Filling Pods as Harvest Season Begins

Wendy Yeager|Sep 29, 2021

Our crops are maturing, and that means fall fieldwork is just getting started. With our crop rotation, that means we are managing crops in a…

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Ground Work 2021:Illinois Harvest Just Underway

Daryl Cates|Sep 20, 2021

We had hot, dry weather the last two weeks of August, in my area along the Mississippi River in the heart of the U.S. Midwest.…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:Kentucky Soybeans Maturing and Corn Harvest Starting

Caleb Ragland|Sep 20, 2021

Both our double-crop soybeans and our corn crop are looking really good. The soybeans are nearly finished blooming, and we have just started shelling corn.…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:Managing Disease and Insect Pressure in Alabama Soybeans

Wendy Yeager|Sep 1, 2021

It’s the time of year when diseases and insects invade our growing crops. All the crops are growing well and we are currently looking good…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:Protecting Soybean Yield and Quality in Illinois

Daryl Cates|Aug 20, 2021

This season continues to change constantly. In my area along the Mississippi River in the heart of the U.S. Midwest, we’ve had very dry conditions,…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:Defending Soybeans against Kentucky Pests

Caleb Ragland|Aug 19, 2021

Though our double-crop soybeans got off to a good start in late June, the month of July was fairly dry. The crops are getting thirsty.…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:Harvesting Kentucky Double-Crop Soybeans

Caleb Ragland|Nov 19, 2021

It’s been a long fall. We continue to be delayed by rains, so we are now about three weeks behind schedule. For the first time…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021:Harvest and Fieldwork Finished in Illinois

Daryl Cates|Nov 18, 2021

I am finished with fieldwork for 2021. Yield-wise, this has been the best overall year in my 40-plus-year farming career. However, it has held plenty…