The Quest for Customer Innovation

USB Staff Writer|Jan 18, 2020

It’s not often that farmers radically change the way they produce a crop. But when it happens, it can make a major, positive impact on…


High Oleic Soybeans Provide Performance

USB Staff Writer|Dec 30, 2019

In the field or in the fryer, high oleic meets needs You expect the seeds you plant to meet high standards. Soybeans have to perform,…


Korean Food Processor Launches High Oleic Soybean Oil

Will McNair|Dec 16, 2019

Lotte Food, one of the largest food service companies in the North Asian region and a leading Korean food processor, announced in November 2019 that…


Bred To Perform, High Oleic Soybeans Provide Proven Genetics

USB Staff Writer|Dec 6, 2019

High oleic soybeans have been in the product pipeline for more than a decade. With millions of dollars invested, seed companies took their time to…


Making a Comeback with High Oleic Soybean Oil

USB Staff Writer|Dec 1, 2019

Food manufacturers primarily have shifted to using palm oil and high oleic canola oil to replace partially hydrogenated soybean oil in baking and frying fats.…


Expanding Uses for High Oleic Soybeans

USB Staff Writer|Dec 1, 2019

The soy checkoff has collaborated with researchers to develop new markets for high oleic soybean oil, and recent results could make your engine a customer…


High Oleic Soybeans Offer Innovative Solutions For End Customers

USB Staff Writer|Nov 30, 2019

Today’s agriculture industry is innovative in many ways, from precision farming to auto-steering to varied seeding and fertilizer rates. Why should soybean varieties be any…

Food & Lifestyle

Soy to the World

North Dakota Soybean Council|Oct 26, 2019

Valley City, North Dakota farmer Monte Peterson was struck by the importance that many cultures place on soyfoods while on a recent trip to China.…

Ground Work

Plant Breeders Discuss Innovation in Plant Breeding

National Corn Growers Association|Oct 6, 2019

In a newly released video, CommonGround Iowa volunteer Sara Ross shares her perspective on plant breeding innovation with the help of a fellow mom —…


Southern Soybean Breeders Meet to Compare Notes, Collaborate

University of Arkansas|Sep 14, 2019

United Soybean Board (USB) vice president for sustainability strategy Tim Venverloh recently attended the annual Southern Soybean Breeders Tour to learn more about the research…