Soy: A Truly Sustainable Alternative to 1,000s of Products?

Tom Idle|May 31, 2024

Soybeans, a humble legume, have spent years quietly sowing the seeds of a revolution that stretches far beyond the dinner table. No longer confined to…


Traveling with and on Soy

USSOY Staff Writer|Feb 29, 2024

A bit of a showman, Henry Ford used a stunt to show the strength and potential of soy plastic. The story goes that he swung…


Breathing Easier Thanks to Biodiesel and U.S. Soy

USSOY Staff Writer|Feb 9, 2024

Buses are invaluable. They get workers across town, kids to school, travelers from the parking lot to the terminal and much more. Buses can also…

Food & Lifestyle

Biodiesel big in the Big Apple

Bethany Baratta|Dec 28, 2020

Iowa soybean farmers got a glimpse of New York’s usage and reliance on soybean oil in biodiesel during the National Biodiesel Board’s (NBB) virtual biodiesel…


Biodiesel: A Cleaner, Sustainable Choice for Today and the Future

National Biodiesel Board|Dec 2, 2020

The National Biodiesel Board recently updated its sustainability platform to a new Biodiesel Sustainability Now website where visitors can learn more about this fuel. Biodiesel,…

Around the World

U.S. Soybean Oil Fuels Market Rally for Cooking Oil

Jen Del Carmen|Sep 24, 2020

While it’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of daily life around the globe from school to sports to business, the effects…


2020 Ground Work: Meet Elliott Uphoff

USSEC Staff Writer|Mar 6, 2020

Throughout the 2020 growing season, will provide regular Ground Work updates from several U.S. soybean farmers around the country. Learn about their farms and…


Purdue Biofuels Study Addresses Deforestation Concerns

Purdue University|Feb 17, 2020

An economic modeling research study from Purdue University investigated the impacts of U.S. biofuel production on deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia.  “Our analysis shows that…


Build a Greener, Cleaner Community with Soy

USB Staff Writer|Jan 1, 2020

It’s well known that soy can be found in many products. But did you know that you could use soy-based products in your community? Read…


Biodiesel Drives Demand for U.S. Soybean Oil

Kaleb Little|Oct 3, 2019

The use of biodiesel, a U.S. soy innovation, is on the rise. Over the last decade, biodiesel demand for soybean oil increased by 300 percent.…