Meagan Kaiser

U.S. Soybean Farmer

Meagan Kaiser is a soil scientist at Perry Agricultural Laboratory, Inc. in Bowling Green, Missouri. Meagan and her husband Marc have one son, Mak. Meagan and Marc farm corn and soybeans alongside Marc's family on Kaiser Family Farms in Carrollton, Missouri.

Family farms

This is Planting

Meagan KaiserJul 19, 2018

It all starts with planting. At every U.S. Soy farm, that means beginning with the right seed and the right soil under the right conditions.…


Data, Precision Help Align Planet and Profit

Meagan KaiserDec 7, 2019

How research and data can help meet end-user demand and provide a marketing edge Sustainability on our farm is a year-round focus that begins with…