Lauren Biegler

U.S. Soybean farmer


Lauren and her husband, Bryan, grow corn and soybeans on their farm in Lake Wilson, Minnesota. Lauren has been a CommonGround volunteer for three years. She and her husband have three children.

Ground Work

Thinking Ahead to Harvest

Lauren Biegler|Sep 25, 2017

The days are getting shorter, the nights a bit cooler as every day passes here in Minnesota. When the days get shorter, the beans start…


Sustainable Spraying

Lauren Biegler|Aug 31, 2017

It has been a pretty uneventful summer for our soybeans. We had a late start planting with cool, wet weather, but got heat and sunshine…

Ground Work

Biegler Farms, Lake Wilson, Minnesota

Lauren Biegler|Jul 10, 2017

Last post, we had just finished planting soybeans. After planting, we love to see a little moisture and some heat to help with emergence and…

Ground Work

Multiple Planting Options to Meet Our Sustainability Goal

Lauren Biegler|Jun 16, 2017

June 16, 2017 May continued to provide weather challenges for planting. It was so wet and cold at points, we had to halt planting for…

Ground Work

The Crops I Plant but Don’t Harvest … and how they protect the land and water

Lauren Biegler|May 12, 2017

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so I think the photo you see above explains why I plant cover crops better than I…

Ground Work

GROUND WORK – Snow Puts Planting on Hold

Lauren Biegler|May 11, 2017

It may look like a holiday card – but this is a view of our backyard on May 1. Elsewhere in the U.S., farmers have…

Ground Work

GROUND WORK – Preplanting

Lauren Biegler|Apr 28, 2017

Weather in southwest Minnesota has been less than ideal so far. Mother Nature has kept us out of the field, and we are waiting for…