Austin Fallin

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St. Louis, Missouri


Renewable U.S. Soy Scores With Manufacturers

Austin Fallin|Jul 1, 2018

Companies use U.S. soy as a sustainable ingredient in everything from adhesives to asphalt to keep their pipelines full of innovation. The United Soybean Board…

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Where’s All This Oil Going?

Austin Fallin|Feb 14, 2018

Food & Lifestyle

A History of Soybean Oil

Austin Fallin|Feb 7, 2018

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Where the Rubber Meets the Row Crop

Austin Fallin|Dec 31, 2017

New Goodyear Tires Drive Demand For Soybean Oil. In business, success is all about the ceaseless quest to develop advantages over competitors. Goodyear secured its…

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Operation Oil

Austin Fallin|Dec 15, 2017

The Soy Checkoff Is Working To Turn Soybean Oil Into Liquid Gold. Soybeans are crushed for meal. This unspoken belief permeates the soy value chain,…