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U.S. Soy Investments Benefit Farmers and Customers

American Soybean Association|Sep 15, 2020

The soy checkoff allows U.S. soybean farmers to invest in the long-term success of the soybean industry to benefit farmers and global customers.


High Oleic Soybeans Deliver Oil without Trans Fats

American Soybean Association|Sep 8, 2020

High oleic soybeans were developed with support from the soy checkoff as an innovation that helps soybean farmers meet customer needs for zero transfats.


Investments in Mississippi River Dredging Improve Export Efficiency

American Soybean Association|Sep 2, 2020

The soy checkoff is investing in the planning, design, and analysis to dredge the lower Mississippi River to improve soybean export efficiency and serve global…


SSAP Proves Sustainability of U.S. Soy

American Soybean Association|Aug 25, 2020

The U.S. Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP), supported by the soy checkoff, verifies the sustainability of soybeans and soy products from the U.S.


The Critical Importance of Trade

American Soybean Association|Oct 12, 2019

United Soybean Board (USB) chairman and Kentucky farmer Keith Tapp says U.S. Soy is dedicated to producing high quality, sustainable, reliable soybeans for its customers.…


The Benefits of Biotech

American Soybean Association|Oct 5, 2019

United Soybean Board (USB) Director Keith Kemp discusses producing more with less using biotechnology. Biotechnology allows U.S. Soy farmers to reduce the amount of water…


Soy Exports Power the Industry

American Soybean Association|Aug 18, 2018

Soybeans are the most valuable agricultural commodity exported from the United States, accounting for more than $28 billion in export value in 2017. This is…


Building a Preference

American Soybean Association|Aug 17, 2018

It’s more than just his convenient location that makes Doug Schroeder’s Illinois farm a popular destination for visiting international trade teams. He’s also a strong…