U.S. Soy’s Journey to the Pacific Northwest

USSEC Staff Writer

USSEC Staff Writer

U.S. Soybean Export Council

Whether during a pandemic or “normal” times, customers and end-users can count on U.S. Soy’s reliable supply. With harvest happening right now in the United States, U.S. soybean farmers depend on the nation’s dependable transportation infrastructure to deliver soy and soy products to their customers, both global and domestic, in a timely and consistent manner.

This video illustrates an important facet of the U.S. infrastructure: the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is the second leading soybean export launching point for international customers. A robust transportation infrastructure allows soybeans grown throughout the U.S. to travel to the PNW to fulfill the growing demand for soy in Asian countries. Currently, 23 percent of soybean exports are leaving from regions in the PNW, exposing the need for increased connectivity.

Follow the journey of U.S. soybeans from field to export terminal, hearing from those involved in each step along the way.