Harvesting a Crop That’s Sustainable for the World, Future Generations

Hartke Swine Center, Inc., is a family farm located in Teutopolis, Illinois, right in the heart of America. For four generations, the Hartke family has been growing soybeans and other crops, as well as raising hogs and cattle, to help feed the world. David Hartke and his father, Phillip, run Hartke Swine Center and raise sustainable products for their international customers as well as future generations of the family.

“I want this operation to be around for not only my sons and daughter, but also my grandsons and granddaughters,” David says. “Every day when we make decisions, we look down the road and say, ‘In the next 10 or 20 years, where do we want to be?’”

Get an inside look at a typical day during harvest at Hartke Swine Center with David; Phillip; and David’s children, Alex, Dustin, Garrett and Taylor.

USSEC Staff Writer

Staff Writer

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