Batter Up! Get Ready for #USSOYExchange

USSEC Staff Writer

USSEC Staff Writer

U.S. Soybean Export Council

In baseball, there’s a moment all players experience just before they step up to the plate. It’s a moment of decision. To let go of apprehensions. To be completely present. To know preparation is complete. And practice is over. That now is the time to perform. To succeed, the batter must believe: I. Am. Ready.

St. Louis is known for the best fans in baseball, so we know this moment. Our preparations are complete, and we are ready for you to attend Aug. 24-26. Although the feeling of stepping up to plate may be less frequent in business, taking your swing can be more impactful than a game-winning home run.

Check out this preview of what’s to come. We look forward to seeing you at GTE!

There’s still time to register virtually! Take advantage of the online networking and knowledge-building opportunities available through #USSOYExchange. Register now.