Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, Professor of Animal Science, University of Madrid, Spain, led a multiyear, comparative analysis of the nutritional bundle of soybean meal for swine and poultry.

Mateos and team compiled data, gathered over eight consecutive years, to map out the energy and protein levels of samples of the world’s largest exporters of soybean meal: the United States, Brazil and Argentina.

They analyzed the samples and compared their protein and amino acid profiles – key constituents of soy’s nutritional bundle, which are attributes swine and poultry nutritionists seek. The findings of this study? The origin of a soybean plays a role in its nutritional bundle; soybean meal from Brazil and the U.S. had more crude protein than soybean meal from Argentina.

In addition, the research team found that NIR technology is a useful tool in measuring soy protein and oil levels.