Rick Kimberley and wife Martha are the fifth generation on the Kimberley family farm. Son Grant, the sixth generation, not only contributes to U.S. Soy by growing soybeans and other crops on the family farm, but also by working for the Iowa Soybean Association as the director of market development.

After a visit to their farm by China’s president, Xi Jinping, the Kimberley farm has become the model for a prototype farm to be duplicated on a smaller scale in the Hebei province in China.

Chinese farmers are keen to learning about technology like GPS, soil sampling and biotechnology seeds to increase production and improve sustainability. The prototype farm will provide an example of how small, village farms can evolve into larger, more efficient operations that can provide better, more sustainable production and a higher standard of living for those who remain in agriculture.

Conservation is also a focus on the Kimberley farm. The family uses part no-till or minimum-till production, which provides a habitat for a variety of species. They also have two systems for water drainage and water shreds and retain water in a ditch. This secures healthy groundwater levels and allows nutrients to sink in before the water floats further away from the fields.