In-pond raceway systems introduced in Pakistan

Pakistan is an emerging and rapidly growing market for U.S. soybeans, due in part to the fast development of the aquaculture sector in recent years. The import market in Pakistan has grown to more than 2 million metric tons, and industries like aquaculture value the technical support and soybean quality provided by the U.S. soy industry. 

Dr. R.S.N. Janjua worked with the Punjab Fish Farm and university researchers to introduce in-pond raceway systems (IPRS) as the most recent innovation for aquaculture in Pakistan. In this article for the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Janjua explains how IPRS is expected to improve fish production, increase feed efficiency and provide solutions for water management. At the same time, the technology will help Pakistan meet growing demand for affordable, high-quality protein.

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RSN Janjua