Jason Kieser
Bloomington, Illinois

Technology gives us the ability to quickly and accurately make adjustments to our operation without sacrificing time and labor. The instant data accelerates our learning curve and allows us to conduct more tests and checks. We expanded from 500-foot check strips to whole field tests, providing larger data sets to make well-informed management decisions.

Mike Langseth
Barney, North Dakota

The advances in seeding technology that have allowed us to reduce tillage over time have made a huge difference on our farm. Last year, we were able to go completely no-till and direct-seeded the entire farm. In addition to the environmental benefits, like greatly reducing our potential for erosion, this saved us money on labor, machinery and fuel.

Reggie Strickland
Mt. Olive, North Carolina

We were one of the first in our area to completely adopt GPS zone soil sampling. With this technology, we divide each field into management zones and conduct soil tests in multiple spots to determine more precise application of fertilizer and lime. We also overlay yield data.