The Benefits of Soy in Skincare

One of the natural ingredients used in a variety of “green” cosmetic products, from face lotion to eyeshadow, is soy.

Why soy? Well, for starters, it’s great for your skin. Packed with isoflavones, fatty acids, and proteins, soy helps to repair your skin barrier, reduces signs of aging and boosts collagen production.

It’s also a cleaner, more sustainable ingredient compared to some of those hard-to-pronounce synthetic ingredients commonly found on your cosmetic ingredient lists. Plus, choosing products made with plant-based ingredients, like soy, supports sustainable ingredient sourcing, and is better for the environment when the time comes to throw the product away.

Ready to add soy cosmetics to your daily routine? From face cream to eye shadow, sunscreen and beyond, the following products use soy to enhance your skin’s existing beauty.