Discover the surprising role of soy in the entertainment industry.

Did you know that soy plays a role in the entertainment industry? In fact, soy can be found mentioned in movie storylines and featured as a prominent prop in TV shows. Soy has also made its way into the world of video games, and it’s even been used in paintings!

Soy’s role in the entertainment industry is not limited to just being a plot point or prop, though. As the film industry continues to prioritize sustainability, soy has emerged as an eco-friendly alternative for materials used on sets, such as furniture, insulation, wax, ink and paper.

Soy’s diverse applications make it an essential ingredient in our love for the arts. Let’s take a deeper dive into how soy shows up in the entertainment industry and the benefits it offers.  

Soy in Film and Television

Sometimes, soy is the star of the show. Movies that feature soy prominently include:

  • It’s a Wonderful Life: In this classic movie, soybean plastics are mentioned as a new and lucrative field. This reference highlights the historical significance of soy as a material used in various military applications during World War II, including aircrafts.
  • Touchback: This sports drama is set in a soybean field. Spoiler! The setting is connected to a major plot twist, which demonstrates that soy can serve as a powerful symbolic element in storytelling.
  • The Real Dirt on Farmer John and Sustainable: These documentaries profile farmers who grow soybeans and other crops, as they work to create a more sustainable food system for future generations. The documentaries explore soy’s role in agriculture and its impact on the environment.

Soy in Set Design

Within the film and TV production industry, soy has established its presence in set design as a sustainable alternative to other synthetic design mediums. Soy offers environmentally friendly alternatives for materials on sets, such as furniture, insulation, wax, ink and paper.

Shows where soy has shown up behind the scenes include:

  • Moms: This show uses furniture made using soy foam to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals typically found in furniture.
  • House of Cards, Veep, and The Avengers: Soy-based insulation was used for set design and production.
  • The Office: Soy wax for sculpting, soy ink and paper were used on set.

Soy in Video Games

Soy has even found its way into the world of video games, bringing virtual farms and cooking to life. These games demonstrate the vast reach and significance of soy in our lives, even extending to virtual worlds, and include:

  • Farmville: This game simulates the farming experience, allowing players to grow soybeans and learn about life as a farmer.
  • Animal Crossing: Soy appears in the form of tofu, a popular good source of protein served in many cultures. Fans of the game may recognize Isabelle the dog, who enjoys a grilled tofu dish as one of her favorites.

Soy in Art

In the world of art, soy has been used as a unique and versatile medium as well. In the short film, “Pacific Light,” artist Ruslan Khasanov demonstrates how soy sauce, soap, oil, ink and a little gasoline can transform into a mesmerizing explosion of color and movement. The result is a visual display of the possibilities of soy as a medium for creative expression.

Soy has certainly made its mark on Hollywood and beyond! From movies and TV shows to video games and art, it’s become a ubiquitous element in the world of entertainment, demonstrating its strong impact on a number of industries.

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