All Commodity Soybean Oil is Not Created Equal

U.S. Soy industry champions innovation to improve soybean oil

Conventional soybeans may be considered a commodity; but all soybean oil was not created equal. U.S. soybeans have set the world standard for quality, sustainability and steady supply. The U.S. soy industry isn’t just exporting conventional soybean oil; it’s also championing innovation to create a better product. 

Innovation revolutionized soybean production with precision agriculture – now, the U.S. soybean industry is driving similar research and innovation that have a similar impact on soybean oils and the future of our food. 

Nayeli Vilanova
Nayeli Vilanova

Human Utilization and Oil Worldwide Director


Nayeli is responsible for the development, management, and implementation of international marketing strategies to advance soybean oil and edible protein.